Custom Request Process

Walking through the custom request process to bring your idea into reality!

Custom request form

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Initial the process, guiding through the custom request process. Request for some information like budget, reference images, photo or plan of the house, and simple sketch of what you are looking for.

Step 2: Pre-design & Quote

Base on the conversation from the initial consultation and the provided screenshot and/or sketches. I will create a pre-design and pre-quote.

Step 3: Design Deposit & Onsite

If the pre-design and pre-quote looks good, a non-refundable deposit of $250 are required to move on to the next step. After the deposit are received (Or received during on-site visit), an on-site visit will be scheduled for final measurement and design evaluation.

Step 4: Finalize & Sign-off

With the final measurement in hand, a final design packet will be created along with one included revision if needed (Additional revision can be purchased).

Once everything is to your liking and the packet are signed off. The full contract amount is requested before heading into production.

Step 5: Production

Once the full contract amount is received the job will officially be in production. You will receive an estimated delivery date at that point, and the lead time depends on the scale of the design, but on average it takes about 6-10 weeks.

Step 6: Delivery v Installation

A week before the completion of the design, I will confirm the delivery date and time once more. Afterward all its left is Delivery Day!

Commission a piece that tells your story today!

Custom request form