Maker || Computer Science

Ricky Chau

Everything around us was once an idea in someone's mind that got brought into reality, and nothing gives me more joy than being the one who transforms an idea into reality.

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I am a Maker and a Professional Woodworker

I gain a tremendous amount of interest in making since I am six. The love of making sparks from the influence of my father; a hobbyist woodworker/maker and tv shows like Mythbusters. I have followed my love of making since then, from scale modeling to electrical engineering; designing to woodworking; metalwork to digital fabrications. Till this day I am still deeply passionate about the art of creating and making.

Logical problem solving

I have always in love with the concept of logical problem solving and hold the 7 steps strategy to heart. I found having a system and order in something that’s seemingly random chaos beautiful, and this is why I am drawn to scientific theory and Computer science, to find a system in this seemingly chaotic world through logic and mathematic. 

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Main Skill Set

Computer Science

I am on my final stretch for my Bachelor Science in Computer Science, On schedule to graduate in January 2021. But I have been working on software development both personally as a hobby, and professionally as a freelancer and Engineer at my current position before I have decided to go to school and continue with the life goal of earning a Ph.D.


I love to take an idea and brought it to reality across different materials, with different manufacturing technics. And out of them all, robotic and automatic is one of my favorite areas to tinker with. It embodies hardware and software as one and works in harmony (At least when it’s done right!). Nothing gets me more excited than that.

Project Management

I have had professional project management experience, from consulting to delivery. with a proven ability not only to lead a team to achieve a goal but also to be part of a team, listen and execute what lead to success as a teammate.


  • Java
  • Python
  • C#